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Metal Recycling FAQ

What is "prepared" scrap?

Prepared scrap is heavy steel that is ready to go directly to the smelter.  It is steel (not aluminum or any other metal), it's at least 1/8" thick and is no bigger than 18" x 36".  

What is "unprepared" scrap?

Unprepared scrap is heavy steel that has to be prepared before it can go to the smelter. It is at least 1/8" thick and is bigger than 18" x 36".  When it arrives at our yard, we cut it into small pieces to get it ready to ship to the smelter. 

What is "tin"?

Tin is a mix of different metals used to create thin sheets that bend easily.  Tin is used to manufacture many products including cars, appliances, bikes, and food containers. It is less than 1/8" thick and comes in all sizes, large and small.  When tin arrives at our yard, we bale it into cubes and ship it to the smelter. 

Do you take junk vehicles?

Yes! Due to environmental regulations, we can only accept dry vehicles (all fluids including fuel and oil have been drained from the car before arriving at our yard).  

Do you take appliances and old propane tanks?

We offer free drop-off of all appliances (except microwaves) and hot water heaters. We also accept old propane tanks if the valve has been removed and it is no longer under pressure. 

Will you unload the scrap on my truck or trailer?

Absolutely! We have equipment and friendly employees that are ready to unload any scrap metals you bring in. 

How much do you pay for scrap?

Scrap metal is a commodity - like grain, sugar and oil - so the market prices change daily.  Because of these market changes, the price we pay today may be higher or lower than the price we pay tomorrow.  We do our best to keep prices steady overall, but we do adjust them when the markets make a lasting swing up or down. Call your store for current scrap prices.

How does metal recycling work?

People like you bring your scrap metals to a recycling company like Border Steel. We clean, sort and prepare the scrap for shipping. Once ready, we ship it to smelters where it is melted down, purified and made into new metals that are then shipped to manufacturers and made into new products. 

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