Metal Recycling

We buy scrap metal!  The list below describes the most common junk metals that you can turn into cash.


Questions? Check out our Recycling FAQ or call your store for pricing and more information.

Small pieces of heavy steel (min 1/8" thick - max size of 18" x  36")


Heavy steel that is minimum 1/8" thick of any size 


Light steel that is less than 1/8" thick of any size


Any size. Accepting all dry vehicles (no remaining  fuel or oil) 

Junk Vehicles

Aluminum cans, rims, extrusion, radiators and more


All copper sizes and shapes including insulated copper wire


Red brass, yellow brass, mixed brass 


All types and sizes of stainless steel

Stainless Steel 

Auto and industrial batteries 

Auto Batteries

Copper, aluminum and brass radiators


All types and sizes

Catalytic Conv

All types and sizes of electric motors

Electric Motors